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Sophia Slade

author and poet

Sophia Slade (formerly Sophia Elaine Hanson) has been writing since she was still losing her baby teeth. As a teenager, she amassed an impressive 35 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards including two National Gold Medals. She independently published seven books before her dark fantasy Nightstrider was acquired by Orbit Books in a four book deal scheduled for release in 2024. Sophia is a graduate of New York University and now lives in the Midwest with her lovely husband and their two cats, Mothman and Matcha. She loves Star Wars, twenty one pilots, and frogs.  

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About the Author


coming 2024
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Previously independently published and funded with a wildly successful Kickstarter, Nightstrider is a dark fantasy perfect for fans of Holly Black and The Sandman. 

The fundraiser to launch the indie edition of Nightstrider was funded by 405% thanks to staggering grassroots support. It was a Reads Rainbow Book of the Month and earned glowing praise from authors Ava Reid, Jodi Meadows, Tanvi Berwah, Freydís Moon, and Isabel Agajanian. Beacon Book Box featured a special edition in their Books and Spooks box and FaeCrate included it as an ebook in their Divine Destiny crate. As of December 2023, the tag has generated over 3 million views on TikTok. 

Other Books by Sophia

My debut indie series published under my given name, Sophia Elaine Hanson. The Vinyl Trilogy is a gritty YA steampunk with light fantasy elements, weaponized music, and an unbreakable found family at its core. Vinyl was published when I was barely nineteen, so forgive any errors. Signed handmade boxed sets are available on my Etsy, and the entire series is available on Kindle Unlimited. 

I indie published three little books of poetry under my given name including hummingbird, soul like thunder, and most recently, Valkyrie. All three collections are illustrated. Signed sets are available on my Etsy. 

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